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Create your first outreach campaign with UnliScale

Welcome to UnliScale! In this article, we'll explain step by step how to create your first Cold Outreach campaign using UnliScale.

Before starting, make sure you have the UnliScale extension installed in your Chrome.

1/ Click on the UnliScale icon and then on New Campaign:

2/ Select how you would like to import leads.

You have 4 choices:

Import contacts from a CSV (create a CSV file with all your contacts and attributes).
Import contacts manually (copy paste contacts directly).
Use a Segment (from a CSV file, filter with criteria people you would like to contact).
Collect with a form (create a form to collect lead via a simple link).

3/ Select filters for your campaign, create segments and verify emails addresses.

Advanced filters: With our advanced filters, you are able to filter whom you'll contact in the campaign. For example, you can specify that you want to contact people whose email contains "apple." You can add multiple filters using the "AND" operator.

Pro tips: you can save these filters as a Segment to use it later.

Verify email: We offer a free service powered by to verify each email that you'll send with UnliScale. This is a powerful service to ensure that your campaigns run correctly, and you won't end up in spam.

4/ Create your message and select your senders.

Create your message: Write your message as usual directly in your Gmail composer. You can use personalized fields to customize your email, such as the First Name, as well as any other fields you've added to your CSV file.

Select sender: UnliScale offers an advanced inbox rotation service. This means you can select multiple senders from your team, and we'll distribute who will send messages based on different criteria. This is powerful if you want to increase the number of emails you can send per day.

Pro tips: Invite your team to join UnliScale and connect their inboxes so that you can use them to send emails.

5/ Preview the campaign

Verify how your email will be displayed to your recipients. Double-check if the fields are correctly filled.

6/ Choose the scheduling and the sending

We offer different ways to distribute your campaign, but we recommend using "Send at the best time." Our AI will calculate the best time to deliver the campaign to maximize deliverability and open rates.

Start sending the campaign: Choose when you would like to launch your campaign.

Maximum emails per day: It's essential to send fewer than 250 emails per day if you want to keep your inbox secure. We recommend sending at least 50 emails per day.

If you choose the Manual schedule, you'll be able to specify the days and times when the campaign will be sent.

7/ Campaign launched!

Now that your campaign is launched, you can view the details of the scheduling day by day!

8/ View all the details of your campaigns

On your dashboard, you can access all the data of your campaign, including the scheduling per day, the number of opens, clicks, and more. You can also manage invitations and your team from here.

Updated on: 08/11/2023

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